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The mission of Carle’ High School is to provide an alternative educational setting that allows students to take charge of their own education, establish a post high school plan, and become contributing members of society.

Founded in 1978, Carle’ Continuation High School has deep roots in Lake County. As a continuation school, Carle’ educates students who are between the ages of 16 – 18 years of age and predominantly in grades 10-12. Because our official school day ends at 1:30, students are able to work after school or help out at home. Many students choose to stay and get extra help, work on a media project or play music. Preparing students for the next step is an important component of Carle’. Many students who come from generational poverty feel that graduating high school is the final goal. We work to change that concept by encouraging students to enroll at Woodland Community College or a trade school, enter the military or the work force. Carle’ graduates leave the school with a plan for the future. The senior portfolio allows students to explore career options and to outline the steps required to reach their goals. Many Carle’ graduates are successfully employed throughout Lake County in professional positions at banks, accounting firms, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, local markets, and with contractors. Carle’ is one of a handful of schools to receive the “Model School” designation from the State of California three times. It also boasts a “Teacher of the Year” for the State of California in the person of Alan Siegel, who is also a founding and active member of the State P-16 Council on Education. Overall, Carle’ has three district teachers of the year. The one-on -one attention and family atmosphere makes this a unique and wonderful place to learn.


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