Carle’ Chronicle – May 27th, 2017

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Carle Chronicle

By: Nicholas Phipps

With the release of this article school will have 1 week remaining. School officially ends on June 2nd .

Prom was hosted at Carle on Friday May 12th. Principal Heather Koehler said, “it was a really nice evening, it was a small and intimate get together and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend”. Koehler also mentioned “ we would like to thank Rudy’s bbq for providing chicken wings, chicken strips, soda, chips, dips, And cupcakes”. Marshall Gottschall said ” it was a very nice get together. I think that next year you might put the DJ outside in the quad to pair the music with the ambiance of the sky”. Teagon Tompioneer who lead the prom set up along with Nick Kieffer said “prom was a little stressful considering it took so long to set up but with the help of a few people we got it done, and in the end all the hard work was worth it“. Nick Kieffer added “yes prom was definitely hell to set up but all the physical labor truly paid off”. We would like to give a special mention to the people who set this prom up: thank you Donovan White, Aries McDonald, Teagon Tompioneer, Nick Kieffer, Cece Brown, Michele Steele and Ashton Legg

Student of the week last week was nominated by Mrs. Koehler and was Dakota Apadaca, “Dakota had been doing really well and is coming out of his shell. He always shows he can do the right thing.”

Student of the week this week was nominated by Alan Siegel. This student is David Bejar: “Bejar has started this new kind of music world here at Carle, and he’s the go to guy for this music group, he knows a lot more about music creation than I do and its good to have him to help educate the other student who have questions”.

Bruno Sabatier visited Carle in order to allow students an opportunity to sign up for Woodland College, which is the local community college for Clear Lake. Bruno announced his presence and intentions during the morning bulletin, after that during 2nd period Sabatier sat down individually with kids and signed them up for classes and made sure they knew what they wanted. Thank you Bruno for all you do for the students of our district. As this article was going to press we were also visited by Pamela Bordisso and Ingrid from Woodland to help us sign up for the final time this year. We truly appreciate this wonderful college and the special people who consistently look out for us and many others in this community.

Designers of the S.B.E. Program finished 22 specialized plaques for students who have graduated this year from Carle. Each plaque is a special award which will be given out at graduation. We would like to thank Dr. Barry Munitz for donating to pay for all these plaques for the 10th year in a row. A final list of all the graduates will be posted in the next article. Graduation will be held on May 31st at 6 P.M.

Vanessa Bigelow made every school in the district’s certificated and classified award winners a mug to show our appreciation for all the extra work they put in to make our schools and district a better place helping kids better themselves every step of the way.

Kayla Fua was announced as our valedictorian and will be making a speech at the graduation ceremony. Great work Kayla and congratulations on graduating and being Carle’s valedictorian.

Cheri L Johnson has supported Carle students for countless years with her and her others Totes for Teen’s program. Ms. Johnson has now decided to personally sponsor two scholarships for hardworking individuals. We at Carle really appreciate what you have done for our students and many many others over the years.

Brianna Legg applied and was awarded a scholarship from the Park Study Club which they will award her at graduation. Congratulations Brianna good luck and have fun with your college experience.

Finally, do to a generous $300,000 donation from Russell Ristici about seven years ago we will be able to award each of our graduating students a college scholarship. The total given out from this fund will be over $18000 this year. Teacher Angie Siegel will speak of Mr. Ristici who has passed away at graduation.


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