Carle’ Chronicle – May 1st, 2017

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Carle Chronicle

Nick Phipps

We are now entering the last grade period of the year, with only a month and a half of the school year remaining. Testing continued until the end of April.

Gold level students for the fifth grade period are: Lloyd Bridges, Jose Carillo, Alvaro Duran, Cece Brown, Alexis Kennedy, Nicholas Kieffer, Juan Carlos Octaviano, Alex Parriot, Jan Ramirez, and Shaina Yaquinto.

Silver level students are: Ray Azevedo, Taylor Churchill, Monica Clifford, Donovan Harvey Aries, McDonald, Candice Safereno, and Donavan White.

Gold level students enjoyed a trip to Fort Brag on April 26th. During this trip the kids visited MacKerricher state park, the beach, and also visited Point Cabrillo lighthouse. Alan Siegel, Angie Siegel, and Olga Paselk were the supervisors of this trip. Cece Brown who attended the gold level trip said “it was wonderful I had a lot of fun, seeing point Cabrillo was cool”.

Carle High schools graduation will be held on may 31 and there will be about 23 graduating seniors. With that said we would also like to give a special mention to Russel Ristici for his extremely generous contribution of 300,000 dollars toward college scholarships of Carle students many years ago. Russel has since passed away but we will remember him at our graduation. This year over 18 thousand dollars will be given out in scholarships. All of us at Carle would like to thank him for supporting the future of our world.

A thank you also goes out to Barry Muniz for donating 4 thousand dollars to the Carle S.B.E. program. To show our appreciation Vanessa Bigelow and Samantha Miller designed a thank you plaque with the two of them holding the plaque that names the press Barry in front of the press itself.

Carle S.B.E. program also designed a plaque and a mug for Gary Logateta, these were a gift from the K.E.C. staff to celebrate his retirement. We at Carle wish you well in your retirement and hope you like the items our students designed.

We would like to give a mention to CeCe Brown who Designed 19 plaques for Lower Lake High School. These rewards are going to be distributed to various departments of Lower Lake High.

This years prom theme will be black and white, tickets that were designed by CeCe Brown were available for purchase on Friday April 21st for 12$. Carle prom will include Food, Punch, Photos and other fun activities.

Thank you to the student who cleaned out the Carle computer storage shed. Those student are Ashton Legg, Donovan White, Aries McDonald, and Jessie Hampton.

Alan Siegel a teacher at Carle had received 2 mobile camera units, and a video switcher 30 plus years ago from George Lucas. 30 years ago Siegel emailed Lucas about “left over equipment” because being the big film producer Lucas is he would have the latest and best camera equipment, so Siegel explained to Lucas he was a teacher for a Media class. Being the wonderful man Lucas is, he gladly gave Siegel the “left over equipment” and with that Siegel said he would never sell the equipment because it was used in the making of Star Wars making it memorabilia. Now 30 years later Siegel is trying to return the equipment to Skywalker ranch so they can use it in their museum. All the equipment still works.


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