Carle’ Chronicle – January 21st, 2017

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Carle’ Chronicle

By Brianna E. Legg

The newly Hazmat Certified students went though a two week workshop where they learned how to deal with hazardous materials. Instructor Angie Siegel had this to say about the two weeks she spent with her new FROs:

“I had a wonderful hazmat group this year. Well, all my groups have been outstanding. This years Hazmat students had amazing scores on the final, we had a lot of A’s and Really high B’s. I was so proud of the effort that they put in and they were respectful and mature at the firehouse.”

Angie Siegel would also like to send a big thank you to the firehouse’s Chief Sapeta for his time training our newest FROs. He has been donating his time to Carle’s Hazmat FRO program for 20 years.   Our media class is making Chief Sapeta a thank you gift.

Hazmat student, Alfred Lewis also elaborated that, “This workshop gave a lot of real world examples and helped us better understand the right way to go about handling dangerous substances.  My favorite part about the hazmat workshop was actually going to the firehouse and suiting up in a Class A Hazmat suit.”

Another Hazmat student, Nick Kieffer agreed,  Kieffer said, “My favorite part was getting in the real Hazmat Class A suit.”

Student of the week last week was Samantha McCulloch for her hard work and great attendance. You’ve earned it congratulations.

The CHILY winner last week was Taylor Churchill. She picked an awesome candle. Congratulations.

The “Be Fresh” is a program straight out of the Lake County Resources Center. They teach health classes and Exercise classes as well. Their motto is “we want to get people healthier one bite or one step at a time”.  Carle’ would like to warmly thank the wonderful Jacque Felber and Shelly Sandhoff for working with the students of Carle’ and helping them choose between a healthy meal and an unhealthy one.

The mug design contest for school spirit is still going strong.  We have received a lot of fantastic designs and all have already had their art work turned into mugs.

A new design contest has started. Instead of school spirit it is super hero or super villain themed. Original artwork or Photoshop design no exceptions, good luck and let the best design win.  All will get their artwork on mugs or keychains and the overall winner wins a movie soundtrack CD as well.

Finally a note from our writer:  My name is Brianna E. Legg and I have been the writer of the Carle’ Chronicle for the past two years.   This is sadly my last article.  I have finished my requirements and will be graduating the week this article comes out. I begin classes at Woodland Community College on Monday the 23rd. I have enjoyed the last two years and I will miss it, thank you so much for the opportunity.  Our new writers Donovan Harvey and Nick Phipps will begin next week.


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