Carle’ Chronicle – February 25th, 2017

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Carle Chronicle

By: Nicholas Phipps

Carle is now entering the 5th grade period.  Carle welcomed an ample amount of students in the 3rd and 4th grading periods. We at Carle would like to give a warm welcome to Anthony Bigness, Dasan Brown, Jose Carillo, Marrissa Doolin, Karlie Ehrlich, Luis Espinoza, Abereanna Gonzales, Juan Carlos Octaviano, Ana Solorio, D’angelo Wilson and Catalena Steward.  Welcome everyone.  We all at Carle hope you take advantage of the opportunities Carle has to offer and go on to great success.

The election of the new Carle student council officers will take place next week.  The positions include student body president, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Speeches and the reading of personal statements will be held on March 3rd, Voting will take place on March 6th and will be counted during the regularly scheduled student government meeting on March 7th.

Teacher Angie Siegel taught an adult certification program that educates the kids of Carle on hazardous materials.  These student must pass a California certified test. After passing this test they are certified first responders. This program is very beneficial to have on your resume. We would like to mention the students who received their hazmat certification: Stacie Clemons, Donovan Harevy, Alexis Kennedy, Nick Kieffer, Alfred Lewis, Matt Madrigal and Teagan Tompioner. Congratulation to these students for receiving this prestigious certification.

Jacob Walker designed a mug for Chief Willy Sapeta for consistently returning to help Carle and the hazmat program.

During advisory on Friday February 24th student council held a contest between advisories, the contest was a building challenge. The students were split into teams and given materials to build a tower (marshmallows and spaghetti), which ever team built the largest structure that can support a marshmallow wins. The winners of the contest were the students of Lance’s advisory.

We would like to give a special thank you to Ryan O’Bryan for collecting all the recycling around Carle through out the year, we really appreciate the effort you put in to make our school a cleaner environment.

Johnathan  and Lia with the S.H.A.R.P. program return to Carle on March 1st and 2nd they will be here the last period of the day and continue on an hour after school.

Cece Brown designed a plaque to show our appreciation to the Cotson foundation for their donation of $4000 to our media program. Thank you so much for supporting the kids at Carle.

The next collaboration day will be March 2nd we will be released an hour early, at 12:30.

Cheyanne West presented her portfolio for graduation on February 22nd and completed all her remaining credits required for graduation.  Congratulations on taking the first step toward your new life. We at Carle will miss you and good luck.

Teacher Alan Siegel returned from the annual State Teacher of the Year celebration which was held in Sacramento on February 13th and 14th.  Siegel helped run all the audio visual for the live event.  In addition Carle students led by graduate Sam Miller and head designer Vanessa Bigelow made mugs for the state teacher semifinalists and finalists.  Siegel also played a role on the state teacher of the year selection committee and served as a mentor to a TOY finalist.


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