Carle’ Chronicle – April 1st, 2017

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Carle Chronicle

By: Nicholas Phipps

As you read this article Carle High School is on spring break.  Spring break starts April 3rd and ends April 10th.   After break only 1-week remains in the 5th grade period. Be sure to make as many credits as you can before we enter the last grading period of the year.

At Carle we feel it’s important for the students to know where they are and what they need in particular to achieve graduation. That is why Carle offers 12 grade and credit checks throughout the year to give students an opportunity to assess when they could possibly graduate and what is required for graduation.  Carle feels by putting students, with the aid of an advisor, in charge of their own credits that it helps train students in the responsibilities of adulthood.

Five new students entered Carle during the 5th grading period; we at Carle would like to give them a warm welcome. Beinvenue Marshall Gotschall, Jessie Hampton, Marco Anguiano, Eric Marks and Michelle Steele. We hope Carle offers you great opportunities to graduate.

A trip to woodland college is scheduled to take place on April 11th. During this trip the students of Carle will tour the majority of the Woodland campus. We will visit and be served by the culinary program they have at Woodland run by the wonderful Chef Robert who has supported and worked with Carle students and staff for quite a while. We would also like to thank Bruno Sabatier and Pamela Bordisso for their devotion to the Carle students. Carle will tour various building including the library and even the administration office. Since Woodland is so close to Carle, and many of our graduates take do and will take classes there, touring the college is extremely advantageous for students to be exposed to what opportunities the college has to offer.

On Saturday March 25th Carle attended the Rotary Re-Forestation community project at Middletown Trailside Park. After the valley fire over 70,000 acres were scorched.  Concerned with the burning of all these trees the Lake County Rotary Club quickly sprang into action. The Rotary Club hosted an event in which over 300 community members gathered and re forested the burnt area of Middletown. During this re-Forestation over 100,000 baby tree saplings were planted to assist in this campaign against the thousands of acres that were burned in the valley fire. We would like to give a special mention to the student and staff of Carle that attended, Thank you Angie Siegel and Rayven Baldwin-Riggs for contributing to this wonderful event held by the Rotary Club.

The Carle S.B.E. program is holding an art contest of sorts, in this contest students may take their own original art and the S.B.E. program will press the art onto a key chain, mouse pad, or mug. Good luck everyone and we hope to see a lot of cool artwork.

There are multiple students of the week, to celebrate this week. the people who were rewarded: Anthony Bigness, Lloyd Bridges, David Jones and Johnnye Melvin. Sherry Hoeckendorf our school secretary nominated Bridges she said, “I nominated Lloyd because he always is willing to help and he has a very positive demeanor toward both students and staff”. Angie Siegel nominated Bigness and said the reason she nominated him was, “ Anthony is an amazing student, he always does top quality work, he’s polite, cooperative and very respectful in class. We really enjoy having him at Carle”. Siegel nominated Jones as well.  Siegel stated, “Davis has really improved his attendance and shown us what a great student he is, all the staff members of Carle are proud to see that he’s committed to his education”. Siegel also nominated Johnnye Melvin and said, “Johnnye is also a very bright and excellent student that always does her very best on every assignment and remains focused on her education”.

The Cardboard car races as mentioned in the last article will be continuing on Friday, more on the winners and designers in the next issue of the Carle Chronicle.  Students put in way more effort than we expected them to and the hand designed cars came out very unique and interesting.

On March 28th, the Student Council gave a presentation on ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). This presentation highlighted the ways that both negative and positive childhood experiences affect the health of an individual. It also addressed how knowing this information could help change how people respond to stress and thus improve their interpersonal relationships. Carle students attended this presentation along with the teaching staff, some Lower Lake High School staff, Healthy Start, members of the Probation and Clear Lake Police Department, and Woodland Community College staff. Lilli Edson, a Carle staff member helped the student council create this event. Lilli said, “ The student council put a lot of effort and time into learning the information they presented, doing research and developing a power point. They were excited to share what they had learned and wanted to present again, with the opportunity.”  Lilli spoke of how helpful Alan Siegel and the students were when it came to setting up for the event and making sure all technology was running properly.

Wednesday March 29th marked teachers Angie and Alan Siegel’s 30th anniversary.  30 years and you still seem to share deep feelings of warm personal attachment, which I think is something every human longs for. Congratulations on 30 happy years and many more to come.


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